Making Sense of your touch

VibroSense Meter, a superior device for assessment of the vibration sensibility, targeting:

Non invasive neurological Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) of the sensibility in hands and feet, utilizing Multi-Frequency Vibrometry.
Based on more than two decades of experimental and clinical research addressing peripheral poly neuropathy of the hand caused by e.g. hand-held vibrating tools or diabetes.


Motorhälsorna, Occupational Health Care providers in Sweden, experts in vibration exposed occupation environment

  • Motorhälsorna in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg collaborates to assist companies in the vehicle industry with health care control and risk...

A third VibroSense Meter system to the institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Norway

  • In September 2010 a VibroSense Meter system was delivered to the department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the hospital "Sykehuset...

Adhesia buys one VibroSense Meter system

  • Adhesia, a large occupational health care company in Belgium (Dr. Herman Duprez), has bought one Vibrosense Meter system to be used for the...

Occupational health care

Help existing and new customers with medical examinations and...
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Improve your diagnostic methods and detect early symptoms of...
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Good advices for people working with vibrating tools on a daily basis
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Detect and avoid vibration injuries and fulfil the Vibration...
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Exposed to vibration at work?
Use our On line A(8) calculator to check your daily hand-arm vibration exposure A(8), or to calculate the exposure duration time for a tool to reach a specific A(8) dose.

Workers who are regularly exposed to hand-arm vibrations may suffer from damage of the hands and arms, which cause the symptoms collectively known as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).