Early detection of sensory neuropathy in hands and feet

- Multi-Frequency Vibrometry
- Quantitative and Objective assessment
- Sub-clinical and Pre-symptomatic detection
- Built-in healthy reference

Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot

Our method, Multi-Frequency Vibrometry, supports prevention of foot ulcers and amputations through early detection of peripheral neuropatyhy (loss of sensation) in the feet. With early detection and preventive measures, it is possible to reduce or delay the development of foot ulcers. Read more about the diabetic foot. Watch our movie about Multi Frequency Vibrometry and diabetes

Vibration damage

Vibration damages

Our proven method, Multi-Frequency Vibrometry, is used for identifying workers at risk of, or with manifested, vibration damage in the hand or fingers, so-called Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Hence, if impaired vibration perception is detected in time, occupational health care professionals and employers may take preventive measures to avoid permanent nerve damage. Learn more about vibration damage. 'Watch our movie about Multi Frequency Vibrometry and Hand-Arm Vibration injuries

VibroSense Meter

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The VibroSense Meter examines the vibro tactile perception in the sole of the foot or on the fingertip by exposing the skin to a controlled mechanical vibrations of varying intensities and frequency (so-called Multi-Frequency Vibrometry). Different types of mechano-receptors in the skin are stimulated at different frequencies, whilst the vibration perception capacity of the patient is recorded.
The test is analogously to a hearing test, by audiometry.The result is reported in a Vibrogram, wherein an age-correlated curve indicates whether the patient has normal or impaired perception. Learn more about our products and services. Learn more about our products and services.


Knowledge bank

Our Knowledge Base contains research and information about diabetes, HAVS and Multi Frequency Tactilometry (Vibrometry).

How do you prevent vibration damages in the workplace?

Calculate your daily vibration exposure and check if you are at risk

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