VibroSense Dynamics is focused on providing efficient systems for early detection and diagnosis of peripheral sensory neuropathy, i.e. disease of large nerve fibers and nerve trunks in the legs and arms.

The company is located at Medeon Science Park in Malmö and is funded by a number of committed individuals in the local business community.

VibroSense Dynamics was founded in 2005 by Professor Göran Lundborg and Toni Speidel to commercialize the results of Professor Lund's research. In July 2005 the EU Physical Agent (Vibration) Directive became mandatory. This directive stipulates that employers in the EU with vibration exposed personnel must offer regular health controls for hand arm vibration. According to estimates, there are about 25 million EU workers who are exposed to such vibrations in at least two hours per day. The directive was the basis for the development within VibroSense Dynamics which started in 2005.

In 2007, a CE-marked hand instrument, the VibroSense Meter, was launched for the diagnosis of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome. This device has been sold to Occupational health care companies in Sweden and to clinics for Occupational and Environmental Medicine at university hospitals in Sweden and Norway.

The VibroSense Meter investigates the vibration sense in the hands and fingers to detect early sensory disturbances in the hands, i.e. impaired vibration sensibility. The device is a powerful tool to predict need for preventive measures to avoid injuries caused by vibrations.