Professor Göram LundborgVibroSense Dynamics products originate from research and discovers made by professor Lundborg at the institution of hand surgery at the university hospitals in Malmö and Lund(Sweden).

Professor Lundborg begun his research at the beginning of 1980 due to his frequents contact with a group of patients suffering from disorders that he could not diagnose properly, using current diagnosis methods.

A common denominator for this group of patients was that they were using vibrating tools at their daily work, e.g. chains saws (lumber worker). They all demonstrated similar disorder, e.g. numbness  and pain in their fingers, difficulties to button a shirt, etc., but the diagnosis methods used at that time all showed normal behaviour.

Professor Lundborg was puzzled and he started to suspect that his examination methods were inferior which led him to initiate his research within Multi-frequency Tactilomety. The table below depicts the history chronologically.

1980 -
Professor Göran Lundborg starts his research in multi frequency sensibility and vibration injuries.

1990 -
The clinic of Occupational Medicine in Lund and some occupational health care companies utilises Göran Lundborgs new SI method for clinical assessment of hand-arm vibration injuries.

2003 -
Professor Göran Lundborg and M.Sc. Toni Speidel starts the development of a first prototype boosted by the pending  EU Physical agent (vibration) directive (EU 2002/44/EG).

2005 -
VibroSense Dynamics AB is founded and the development of a commercial product starts.

2007 -
Market launch a of the CE-approved  VibroSense Meter system.