A major portion of the diabetes research is focused on finding a cure for the disease. Less emphasis is put on the clinical part of reducing the effects of diabetes complications, despite these being the biggest problem today, both in terms of personal suffering and societal costs.

VibroSense Dynamics collaborates closely with leading clinical researchers at Lund University as well as the Skåne University hospital in Malmö-Lund. Several joint research studies, financed by a major grant from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, are currently underway. The research aims to study how the company technology and method, Multi Frequency Vibrometry, can be used clinically for early diagnosis of beginning sensory impairment of the sole of the foot.

If sensory impairment of the foot, i.e. sensory peripheral neuropathy, is diagnosed early, then prompt treatment by the multidisciplinary teams can vastly reduce the risk of serious foot complications, which often lead to diabetic foot ulcers and amputations.