If you are working with vibrating tools daily, you should be extra careful since you might be at risk for vibration injuries. Everyone is different and if you do not experience any problems, the general rule is that you are healthy. But please be careful and feel free to follow our advice. I

It is quite normal that you get some “sensibility disturbance” when working with vibrating tools, both during the time it vibrates and a while afterwards. We call this a “short-term effect”, much like your sense of hearing gets worse for a while after you have listened to loud music.

If you are worried or feel that you have a problem, or that it has gotten worse, you should seek advice immediately. Vibration damage is insidious, but if you take action in time, there is a good possibility to prevent it from becoming a permanent injury. Start by contacting your occupational health care professional and ask for a medical examination.

Many people continue with their work despite having a diagnosed vibration damage, provided that they are physically able to work. In this case, it is very important to keep track of the damage, including regular medical check-ups to ensure that the damage is not getting worse.