Improve your occupational healthcare


With a good workplace policy for vibrations, an employer can avoid unnecessary costs for sick leave, accidents due to "clumsy" hands and dropped skills. There are many advantages with such policy, also in financial terms, i.e. it will become a profitable measure in terms of:

  • Reduced costs due to shorter sick leave.
  • Increased productivity due to healthier workforce.
  • Avoid extensive action at workplace inspections made by the authority.
  • Happier and more motivated staff.
  • Reduce the risk of getting injured worker at new employment..
  • Possibility to request low vibrating tools from the manufacturer when purchasing new tools.

A good human resources policy is a valuable investment for the future, especially for companies with vibration-exposed personnel because they are at risk of getting vibration damage.

Vibration damage in the hands and arms can cause various problems, including:

  • Nerve damage; can cause pain, numbness, impaired sensation, less ability to use the fingers with precision or to hold various things, such as glass or tools.
  • Muscle and skeletal disorders; causes reduction of strength and pain.
  • Circulation Damage; gives "white fingers" also called Vibration induced White Fingers (VWF)