Calculate your daily hand-arm vibration exposure

Calculate your daily hand-arm vibration Exposure A(8), multiple tools:

For each tool, enter the acceleration level (see data sheet) and the daily work time (hours, minutes). Estimated daily vibration exposure appears in the box below.
Hours Minutes

Calculated hand arm vibration exposure A(8)= 0.00 m/s²

Calculate the exposure duration, one tool for a requested A(8) dose:

Enter the acceleration level for the tool (see data sheet) and a requested daily hand-arm vibration exposure. The box below shows for how long time you can work with the tool until you reach the specified daily exposure dose.
TOOL ACCELERATION (m/s²) Requested daily vibration exposure, A(8) (m/s²)

Calculated exposure duration for the requested A(8) dose= 0h 0min

Hand-arm vibration exposure limits
stated in the EU physical agent directive (vibration) 2002/44/EC

Action value: 2,5 m/s²
The employer shall establish and implement programme of measures intended to reduce to a minimum exposure to mechanical vibration, if the Action value is exceeded.

Limit value: 5,0 m/s²
In any event, workers shall not be exposed above the exposure limit value.

Remember to print the result for future comparison.