2016-06-08 09:55 (Press release)
Chief physician Dr. Eero Lindholm at Skånes University Hospital will present unique research at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting (EASD) in Munich in September 2016. One conclusion from the study is that Multi Frequency Vibrometry discloses a strong correlation... Read more »
2016-05-11 11:00 (Press release)
A master's thesis from the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University shows that examined children with type 1 diabetes have reduced tactile sensitivity in the feet compared to children who do not have diabetes. Preliminary data from the study shows that even children and adolescence may have impaired... Read more »
2016-02-04 11:22 (News)
Vibrosense is now publishing pictures on Instagram. To follow click the icon in the lower left corner.
2015-06-23 16:31 (Press release)
A clinical study on hands and feet on children with type 1 diabetes has started earlier than expected. The study aims to compare the sensibility in fingers and foot sole between children with type 1 diabetes and children who do not have diabetes using VibroSense Dynamics method Multi Frequency... Read more »
2015-06-09 11:28 (Press release)
VibroSense Dynamics strengthens the organization with a sale and marketing manager and an assistant project manager. The company has also signed a project agreement with Region Skåne and Lund University in the context of the parties' on-going Vinnova project. The agreement ensures that VibroSense... Read more »
2015-05-11 10:18 (Press release)
The European Commission framework Horizon 2020, has granted 50 000 euros to VibroSense Dynamics. The Commission concludes that the methods used today to find neuropathy in the feet has major shortcomings. Moreover, they conclude that there is an urgent need to detect sensory changes in diabetic... Read more »
2015-05-07 22:36 (News)
The Company's activities are proceeding according to plan
After an intense spring with a completed IPO, we are looking ahead with great enthusiasm. A summary of the year's events show that the company kept what was promised:
A study on feet has started at Skånes University Hospital
A large study on... Read more »
2014-11-08 11:05 (News)
Motorhälsorna in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg collaborates to assist companies in the vehicle industry with health care control and risk assessments. The vehicle industry, in particular vehicle service and repair work shops, has a rough occupation environment with excessive vibration exposure.... Read more »
2010-10-01 02:00 (News)
In September 2010 a VibroSense Meter system was delivered to the department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the hospital "Sykehuset Telemark HF" in Skien in the south of Norway. This means that three of totally five Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Norway now have the... Read more »
2010-02-05 01:00 (News)
Adhesia, a large occupational health care company in Belgium (Dr. Herman Duprez), has bought one Vibrosense Meter system to be used for the assessment of vibration exposed employees at their customer companies.