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The Occupational Health care is a competitive industry that must keep abreast of new rules and regulations. With the VibroSense Meter system, you can optimize parts of your service portfolio without having to expand your workforce, while facilitating the work of your current staff.

Customer value and profitability

Companies with vibration-exposed personnel need help in several ways to deal with the legal the requirements. The VibroSense Meter system is a versatile tool for e.g.

  • Screening of large groups of staff to quickly identify problems and their magnitude.
  • Provide an objective method to prevent vibration damage.
  • Carry out medical examinations and follow-ups over time at individual-or group-level.
  • Produce summary report for different departments to facilitate the employer's preventive work.

The VibroSense Meter system is profitable for the Occupational Health Care service!

If you have vibration-exposed workers among your customers, it may be worthwhile to offer your services with the VibroSense Meter. You do not have to work with inefficient methods and manual handling or analysis of questionnaires.