MicroscopeIt is well known that the sense of touch is affected early in many types of neuropathies. The exact mechanisms and sequences are less well known and many areas remain to be discovered.

The VibroSense Meter system is well suited for research in virtually all areas related to peripheral neuropathy in hands, fingers and feet.

A major strength of this system is that it is well adapted to cope with large studies where extensive data on vibration thresholds is stored in the internal database. You can also supplement the threshold data with other study data that can be entered directly before or after an examination such as, weight, length, etc.

All data can then be easily exported for further analysis with the help of e.g. Multivariate statistical methods.

The VibroSense Meter system is today used in basic research in diabetic neuropathy in both hands and feet. The system has also been used in several theses.

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