Examination Table

Examination Table

Examination Table.

The VibroSense Meter is designed to be a portable system. However, for long term on-site use, it is recommended to use our customized examination table, which provides excellent ergonomically conditions for both the operator and the examined patients.

The table moves on casters for ease of usage. The design is based on a robust iron tube frame with stable and durable MDF plates. The table is not portable.


Height operator table
Adjustable 67-80 cm (26.4-31.5″)

Height Device stand
Adjustable 67-80 cm (26.4-31.5″)

Desktop area
76x65 cm (29.9-25.6″)

Device area
28x70 cm (11.0-27.6″)

Number of wheels
Four. Two with brakes (on the operator’s side)