VibroSense Meter

The VibroSense Meter is a system intended for early detection and diagnosis of impaired vibration sensibility in the hand and fingers. The system is specially designed to be a useful tool for the assessment and health surveillance required by EU directive 2002/44/EC.

The device is a powerful tool to find early sign of sensibility impairment before it has become a permanent vibration injury. It can also be used for preventive measures at the workplace, particularly to control the medical effects due to modifications of the workplace.

The VibroSense Meter consists of a measurement unit and PC software.

  • The measurement unit contains advanced mechanics and electronics for the measurement of vibration perception thresholds in the fingers based on Multi-frequency Tactilometry. A patented “Applied Skin Force Control” scheme secures the measurement accuracy according the ISO 13091-1 standard, i.e. limits for skin indentation.
  • The PC software contains:
    • Automatic comparison against comprehensive normative age-matched population data.
    • Questionnaires adopted for hand-arm vibration screening, including the Stockholm Workshops Scale grading.
    • Inbuilt measuring of finger skin temperature, prior to each vibrogram recording.
    • Support for long-time follow up of groups or individuals.
    • Support for statistics regarding preventive measures in the workplace environment.
  • VibroSense Meter Target use:
    • Screening of large groups, including pre- and post- employment screening
    • Medical control of people in risk groups
    • Preventive measures at the workplace.

Accessories included
Measurement Unit, Trigger Switch, Power Supply, Carrying Case, PC software (VSM). The integrated questionnaire for HAVS is included as standard.