VibroSense Meter
Road worker

Our courses aim at helping new or potential customers get started with the VibroSense Meter system, focusing on hand-arm vibration. All courses can be held at the client’s premises. Below is a summary of our current course offerings. We can also put together custom programs.

1. Basic VibroSense Meter System education (one day)

This course is intended for medical professionals who will conduct examinations or interpret the results of the Vibrogram. The course includes both a theoretical component and a practical session on how to operate the VibroSense Meter. It also provides the medical background and instructions on how to interpret the vibrogram.

2. Medical Interpretation of the vibrogram (half day)

The Vibrogram is a central part of the result from the VibroSense Meter. The Vibrogram provides very valuable information, which to a trained observer can form the basis for a final diagnosis.

The main goal with the course is to teach the fundaments of reading and interpreting a vibrogram, including differential diagnosis.

The course also includes case studies with typical vibrograms seen with Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and vibration injuries (Hand-arm vibration syndrome). The importance of taking the patient history is also discussed.

This course is primarily intended for medical professionals who interpret the results from an examination made with the VibroSense Meter.

3. Advanced Reports (one day)

Programs for the prevention of occupational hazards require continuous monitoring in a regular cycle so as to allow for proactive measures if something unexpected occurs. Key to this are data collection and analysis.

Our Advanced Reports course is designed to teach how to configure the options and set the parameters to collect pertinent data with the VibroSense Meter system. The course also teaches how to use available reports to analyse and present results on the group and individual levels.

Well proper use, the VibroSense Meter system may serve as an invaluable repository of information, which grows with each new examination.

This course is specifically designed for people working with systematic investigations and data collection.