Technical Support

Our systems are very stable and the need for support is quite small for both the measurement device and the PC software. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions or problems.

The VibroSense Meter is equipped with an internal calibration, which is performed automatically at power on. VibroSense Dynamics provide a calibration services for companies who have quality certifications requiring regular device calibrations or check ups. Other companies working with device and instrument calibration can also make this, e.g. SP i Borås.

In general, we recommend that a calibration check shall be made once every second year to secure measurement quality. It is also possible to purchase our annual “technical license support” which includes a complete service check and calibration once every second year. The “technical license support” includes also free of charge service and software upgrade.

Application support

The VibroSense Meter system is intended to be an important tool for the assessment of sensibility in hands as well as an essential help to track the effects of preventive measures at the workplace.

Both these areas can be quite complex and therefore VibroSense Dynamics offers special services to our customer to ease start up and initial usage of our systems. Read more on Services.

Concerning medical questions, it is also possible to contact professor Lundborg directly.